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Just plain pride and honor. Who we are and what we do.

Warrior Poets

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Here we sit at the kitchen table. I enjoy the table in the back lot too, but there’s no C’gars allowed these days. Can’t say as I like it, but can’t argue much with it either. So its hot Joe, n’ we’ll make do. Had a heck of a time, this past several weeks. Been […]

Sound of Clanking Dawgs – Leadership Principles in Action

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Recently recieved an email from a former member, “Cap, miss hangin’ out with you, these guys don’t seem to have any drive to train or get better at the job!”…Not the first time I’ve gotten a note like that.  I responded with encouragement and the belief that this particular Jake would put things right in […]

Up On the Roof!

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A few tours back, the kid and I were on top of a wood frame, two-story residential. Metal roof. Taken there by the City’s platform…

Swimming in the Current, Standing Like a Rock.

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The following diatribe is written poorly at a late hour.  My sincere apologies.  But I would like to take the time to dedicate this declaration to the five highly dedicated firemen that have helped me this far acting out the foriegn roles of drill instructors.  They have followed my lead, endeavored to meet it and have […]

The Finer Things; Leading the Next Generation

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They’re a good crew. But they won’t always be yours. At their next assignment or department, will your department’s reputation be known for creating steadfast micro-managers or for making future leaders? Where are you in developing the next generation? Time will tell.

The Finer Things – Leading Today’s Firemen, One Rung at a Time

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Its cold out here. Sub zero temperatures are not uncommon and in the mid-winter months, definitely the norm. So doing any kind of training at this time of year can be difficult. There are moments when pain and cold are predominant factors in the fireman’s life here in the North. On days when the mercury is below […]