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“Iron Sharpens Iron”: Company Officers in today’s Fire Service

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Hey Brother,….The Good Book says in Proverbs, that “iron sharpens iron..” meaning that iron in one form can be sharpened by iron in another form (like a file).  It goes on to say that in a similar way,  good friends build each other up. Sometimes by being brutally honest with each other.  A skilled, attentive […]


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It was a big hole. At least 8 feet across at its longest point and four or five at the widest.  I won’t exaggerate and say we nearly fell in, because we didn’t come close. But that pit got my attention!  This was a run-away wood stove fire and it was burning the floor out […]

Leadership: Catchin’ Speedy

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What is it about leadership that is so elusive?  Grab your cup and get a refill, this’ll be quick.  While we’re at it I should mention that leadership is an issue we need to talk about more.  I been cogitatin’ on it and I think I will begin to hash out some thoughts.  But for […]

Up On the Roof!

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A few tours back, the kid and I were on top of a wood frame, two-story residential. Metal roof. Taken there by the City’s platform…

Swimming in the Current, Standing Like a Rock.

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The following diatribe is written poorly at a late hour.  My sincere apologies.  But I would like to take the time to dedicate this declaration to the five highly dedicated firemen that have helped me this far acting out the foriegn roles of drill instructors.  They have followed my lead, endeavored to meet it and have […]

Why Am I Here? Someone Please Remind Me…

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“The first day, the look on the DC’s face was priceless, he looked like he was gonna have a coronary. I asked him, “You want me to back off?” He said, “No, I am out of my element, …but I have never seen so much accomplished in so short a time. Keep it up, I’ll go protect your job!” The trials and tribulations of training recruits how to be a part of the fire service and convincing the establishment that it still has merit in the modern world we serve in.

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