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Telling the tale of our calling. Our profession’s finer or worst moments.


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It was a big hole. At least 8 feet across at its longest point and four or five at the widest.  I won’t exaggerate and say we nearly fell in, because we didn’t come close. But that pit got my attention!  This was a run-away wood stove fire and it was burning the floor out […]

Leadership: Catchin’ Speedy

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What is it about leadership that is so elusive?  Grab your cup and get a refill, this’ll be quick.  While we’re at it I should mention that leadership is an issue we need to talk about more.  I been cogitatin’ on it and I think I will begin to hash out some thoughts.  But for […]

Up On the Roof!

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A few tours back, the kid and I were on top of a wood frame, two-story residential. Metal roof. Taken there by the City’s platform…

The Whip Tips the Hat to the Man

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Giving your people the authority to make decisions and to act in the moment when action must rule the day takes a lot of trust and confidence. Sometimes you are going out on a limb, but if you don’t give them that opportunity, if you don’t believe in your people, how will they ever master their profession?

The Mask

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There is something about that moment, when you don your mask and feel the suction and then the rush of air into your lungs. It is a moment of commitment.  You and the mask.  It marks that moment that you have committed yourself to whatever is beyond the threshold.  I don’t know that I’ve ever […]

“Check your gear, Brother”

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Wipe the sleep from the eyes, kiss the wife, wish the kids a good day in your head like a prayer (you don’t want to wake them), head out the door and close it quietly behind you.  Your feet crunch in the snow as you walk to the old Ford.  And slowly, at least by […]