The Mask

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There is something about that moment, when you don your mask and feel the suction and then the rush of air into your lungs. It is a moment of commitment.  You and the mask.  It marks that moment that you have committed yourself to whatever is beyond the threshold.  I don’t know that I’ve ever […]

“Check your gear, Brother”

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Wipe the sleep from the eyes, kiss the wife, wish the kids a good day in your head like a prayer (you don’t want to wake them), head out the door and close it quietly behind you.  Your feet crunch in the snow as you walk to the old Ford.  And slowly, at least by […]

“ be a fireman”

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Tonight I received a forwarded post from another brother.  Headline read, “..firefighters sacked for response to fatal fire”.  The headline is, if anything, misleading.  It creates the impression, for those who are passionate about the fire service, that the cause of the said “sacking” is unjust and that perhaps the need for scapegoats.  Upon reading […]

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