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A Requiem: The Gray Building Fire

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“The blaze was a stubborn, dangerous and heavy smoke fire–but every man faced this with the highest courage that men can attain. There was work to be done, and these brave men did that work without a look behind..” from the Firemen’s Grapevine. Nov. 15th 1939 The Gray Building Fire, Los Angeles, Ca. 1939, courtesy […]


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It was a big hole. At least 8 feet across at its longest point and four or five at the widest.  I won’t exaggerate and say we nearly fell in, because we didn’t come close. But that pit got my attention!  This was a run-away wood stove fire and it was burning the floor out […]

Chicago Fire: Disaster at the Sing Way

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Several years ago, I didn’t know anyone in the Chicago Fire Department. Now, I would call at least one a good friend. The world has been changed and along with it, so has the American Fire Service. If a brother wants to be a part of the nation of firemen, he or she can be so easily..