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“True Grit”

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What kind of firemen and women should we be? Take a look from the past. Those who know the past, know their history are then aware of their lineage. They have a good foundation that is there to fall back on. “As you walk through the engine bay through the old house, you come across reminders of these men. Old leather helmets and fronts, brass nozzles and iron axes, perhaps a parade item or two and you see things that they took great pride in and cherished as emblems of their chosen profession.”

A Brother is Priceless!

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“The brothers I’m speaking of are the ones who view the fire service not as a good paying gig, but as a life of service, a craft, an art. The kind of brother who is slightly offended when referred to as a “firefigher” instead of just “fireman”. He won’t correct you, but he’ll feel it jus the same.”

“..to be a fireman”

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Tonight I received a forwarded post from another brother.  Headline read, “..firefighters sacked for response to fatal fire”.  The headline is, if anything, misleading.  It creates the impression, for those who are passionate about the fire service, that the cause of the said “sacking” is unjust and that perhaps the need for scapegoats.  Upon reading […]

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