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“Iron Sharpens Iron”: Company Officers in today’s Fire Service

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Hey Brother,….The Good Book says in Proverbs, that “iron sharpens iron..” meaning that iron in one form can be sharpened by iron in another form (like a file).  It goes on to say that in a similar way,  good friends build each other up. Sometimes by being brutally honest with each other.  A skilled, attentive […]


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It was a big hole. At least 8 feet across at its longest point and four or five at the widest.  I won’t exaggerate and say we nearly fell in, because we didn’t come close. But that pit got my attention!  This was a run-away wood stove fire and it was burning the floor out […]

Leadership: Catchin’ Speedy

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What is it about leadership that is so elusive?  Grab your cup and get a refill, this’ll be quick.  While we’re at it I should mention that leadership is an issue we need to talk about more.  I been cogitatin’ on it and I think I will begin to hash out some thoughts.  But for […]

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